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Rare Stash Bourbon / Dustin Poirier

For centuries, Kentucky has been the foremost producer of bourbon, with sweet spring water filtered by limestone, soil perfect for growing corn, and ideal temperatures for aging whiskey. 

But not all Kentucky bourbon tastes the same. Different crops of corn and grains, different oak trees used to make the barrels, and other factors make each batch of bourbon unique. 

Enter former UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin Poirier, a man with a passion for collecting rare whiskey. Dustin helped found Rare Stash to celebrate the unique flavors of bourbon, using rare lots of bourbon to create limited-edition batches. Every batch of Rare Stash is unique and perfect for savoring when life gives you moments worth celebrating.

Each batch of Rare Stash is a tribute to life's moments that demand to be celebrated. Our bourbons are not just drinks; they are experiences, carefully curated to enhance the occasions that matter most. Whether it's a victory, a milestone, or simply a moment of reflection, Rare Stash offers a unique taste of Kentucky's finest, meant to be savored and remembered.

Join us on this journey through the landscapes of flavor, tradition, and passion. Discover the unique stories bottled within each batch of Rare Stash and elevate your celebrations with a bourbon as rare and distinguished as your finest moments. Welcome to Rare Stash – where every sip is a story waiting to be told.

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